Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Away but for good reason.

It's been too long since I posted a proper blog and for good reason, I'm not the type of person to vent my opinions, concerns and annoyances on social media and having just gone through a combination of disappointment, let down and upset I felt I needed a little time away from the blog so I didn't let my emotions get the better of me and end up writing a blog that quite frankly would have been totally unprofessional, all I'll say on the matter is that I felt very let down and wished people would be more open and honest as this is how I live my own life.

But the new page has been turned and here I am writing once again for all you lovely supporters. Regardless of what happens I continue to keep busy and create everyday and the last few months have not been any different, I have recently been working with fine art dealer Clive Ashmore and also teamed up with AC fine art galleries to create a number of limited edition fine art prints that I am super excited about.

The decision was made to put in two of my toy soldier paintings into print and these were "Black Gold" and "Make Peace Not War 2"

"Black Gold"
Signed limited edition of only 75 
28" x 19" Printed on Canvas

"Make Peace not War 2"
Signed limited edition of only 75
36" x 18" Printed on canvas

Signing Prints - Canvas on board

for more information on prints email me on

And of course I've been working away on a whole bunch of other originals and commissioned pieces
The first is a piece that was something a little different for me but I wanted to convey my feeling of how I feel women should be treated, I feel that all to often men think that treating there women mean will keep them keen but I'm so far away from this opinion that I wanted to create a piece surrounding this very subject....I personally believe that a woman should be treated with respect and love and showered with compliments every day, building her up not putting her down and so I created this piece and as I am using a lot of toys in these new series of painting I decided to use little girls favourite the Barbie/Cindy doll.

"Shower Her with Compliments"
24" x 32"
Oil on box canvas


I've also been Commissioned quite a bit recently and created three commissions for clients all different but all equally as enjoyable to paint.

 The first is of a Bertie Bassett box, a classic favourite sweet of many.

"Bassetts All Sorts"
22" x 16"
Oil on Canvas


The Second was the entirely the clients idea as he had seen my star wars Lego commission and liked that idea but came to the table with his own twist, he wanted the characters stood on top of a floating galaxy bar and have the piece titled "On a Galaxy far far away"

"On a Galaxy Far Far away"
20" x 16"
Oil on Canvas


and the third was a ladies favourite chocolate bar....the small but mighty Freddo and I was quite happy to paint this as it brought back a lot of my own child hood memories of going into the local paper shop and paying just 10p for this little chocolate frog

30" x 18"
Oil on Panel


And of course aside from commissions I've also created a few new original pieces, after being inspired by the Star Wars Galaxy commission I wanted to come up with something myself and decided to add a few more space related sweets in there and this is what I came up with

"Choc Wars"
18" x 30"
Oil on wooden Panel


And of course I added to my toy soldier series with two new pieces one of which went straight into print with AC Fine art

" Make Peace Not War"
Oil on Panel

Original Available from Jamie Leigh Fine arts -

Accompanying this original I created a little promotional video and a new series that I will frequently post called "Studio Life" you can find it the video on my face book page -
just search Chris Morgan Art

30" x 20"
Oil on Canvas

Original Available from Jamie Leigh Fine arts -

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